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My Philosophy

is based on:

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating is a framework for eating built on 10 principles that teach you how to trust your body’s biological cues of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. Intuitive Eating is about compassion, curiosity, and being kind to our bodies because this is how we thrive! Human bodies do not thrive with deprivation, guilt, shame, stress, and starvation in the name of weight control. Intuitive Eating is woven through all the work I do!


A Weight-Inclusive Approach

Over the years I’ve seen the focus on scale numbers fail people over and over again. I’ve seen the physical and psychological harm that weight and body-size focus can cause. Moving away from a weight-normative approach where bodies are stuffed into size categories, ‘health’ (or ‘un-health’) tags are plastered onto each group, and harmful weight loss prescriptions are handed out - is a compassionate and kind approach to health and well-being. 

A Weight-inclusive approach means your health is so much more than a BMI or scale number and that you deserve kind and effective support and care options no matter your current size. This does not mean that we can’t discuss your weight concerns if it is important to you. It just means that the work we do together and our interventions will mostly be centered around healing your relationship with food and body, and letting your weight naturally settle where it is healthiest for your body and your mind.

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