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Intuitive Eating Coaching Programs

You actually cannot fail from these programs, but you have SO much to gain!

Nutrition information and different weight-loss diets are at an all time high and readily available to many Americans, yet so many people still struggle to feel healthy and confident in their own body.

You are NOT alone!


People feel like failures because they can’t ‘control’ their eating and their weight.

They think: There must be something wrong with me!

Well, I’m here to tell you that your body is not the problem! The problem is diet culture :(


Intuitive Eating brings HOPE.


~Unlearn all the messages that our dieting culture teaches us about how our bodies are wrong and-

~Learn how to reconnect with your innate biological cues for optimal health and wellness.

Is this right for me?


  • Have you spent years trying different diets or trying to figure out what is ‘wrong’ with you or your body, yet nothing seems to work?

  • Do you spend much of your time worrying about what you ate or what you are going to eat?

  • Do you fight hunger and appetite? 

  • Do you spend time thinking about what you should eat, instead of what you want to eat?

  • Are you afraid to trust your body when it comes to- What to eat? When to eat? How much to eat?

  • Do you find yourself  feeling ‘out of control’ around food?

  • Do you spend time comparing your food choices with that of others?

I help people:

  • Stop obsessing about food, eating, and their bodies.

  • Break out of the diet-binge-restrict cycle.

  • Feel good about their food choices and eat the foods they love(without guilt!)


Imagine this life- free from all of this food obsession and body negativity. Imagine the time you’ll have for all the things that really matter in your life… all the things you love!


We are all born intuitive eaters, but for many, somewhere along the way- our innate wisdom gets buried, we lose trust in our own body. But it’s never too late! Together we can rediscover the Intuitive Eater in you!

Intuitive Eating Coaching Programs include:

80 min Consultation

Comprehensive nutrition assessment where we’ll dive deep into your history of diets and relationship with food, as well as, discuss current eating patterns/behaviors, and your health goals.

2-3  50 min Follow-up Sessions/month

We’ll follow up every other week. Our follow-up sessions will each have a focused mini-lesson that involves discussion and interactive exercises.

The Intuitive Eating Workbook & Intuitive Eating -4th edition book

Provided upon first in-person session, or mailed to you prior to your first virtual session. We’ll work through these together :)

Journal Reviews

You’ll receive a small, hard-cover notebook to journal your eating experiences as part of this journey. I will review and provide feedback between sessions.

Session Recaps

After each session, you will receive an email with a summary of our session together, that includes topics, applicable worksheets/readings, and goals to help you implement this work between sessions.

Unlimited Email Support (between sessions)

Questions and concerns will likely come up, and I’ll be around to provide answers and feedback.

Available Virtually and in my Ann Arbor Office

Program Rates:

3 month program

$295/month or $785(paid in full)

6 month program

$275/month or $1375(paid in full) 

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